Urban Fashion Flavor

Urban Fashion Flavor

Joseph M Minguet

19,5 x 25 cm 176 pages softcover + flaps english + spanish text

ISBN / Barcode: 8496823815

Categoria: Offerte Varie Street Style Street Fashion

For many years the current fashion trends have been set by the big names on the catwalk but this is no longer the case and the fashion rules are now undoubtedly established on the street. Urban fashion, also known as streetstyle, leaves it up to the citizens from numerous places around the world to model the latest trends. A great many streetstyle blogs have appeared the world over, from London to Barcelona, New York, Shanghai, Moscow, Berlin, etc. All featuring photos of the “coolest” gear appearing on all of these cities’ streets. URBAN FLAVOR, is a collection taken from various fashion designers whose newly released designs just happen to be strongly influenced by the latest streetstyle.

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