Water Pack! H2O Deluxe

Water Pack! H2O Deluxe

21,5 X 27 cm 160 pages 170grs matt paper Paperback + flaps Spanish + English text

ISBN / Barcode: 8496823563

Categoria: Offerte Varie Design

Water, so essential to the survival of all known life forms, has recently become an item of luxury among more fashion-conscious and demanding consumers. The designer water phenomena is a trend whose roots can be traced back to Paris and has spread with astonishing success to all the world‚s major cities. Water Pack! presents a meticulous and international selection of the best packaging designs for bottled water, brands which might be found on the menus in today‚s most select restaurants, bars and spa shops. The bottle‚s design is nearly as essential as the origin of the water itself, a substance so elemental, colorless, and anodyne that nature has provided it free of charge, while human beings have turned it into a truly desirable, powerful and distinctive item.

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