Silk Brocades
Silk Brocades Silk Brocades Silk Brocades

Silk Brocades

Yashodhara Agrawal

230x240mm Language english

ISBN / Barcode: 8174362584

Categoria: Libreria Internazionale Moda Tessuti

Textiles have been produced by almost every advanced culture over the centuries—the Hellenìc, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Achaemidìan, Sassanian, Assyrian, Chinese, and Indian. But, they have hardly been the focus of serious study. Siik Brocades promises to remedy that. Rummaging through thè cupboard of Indian history, it finds patterns that have persisted through three to four thousand years, textiles imbued with religious symbols, silk-weaving centres which were the incubators of thè tradition, and royal workshops that created thè finest brocades. The -narrative shows how Indian silk brocades grew to become world famous. Richly textured visuals accompany the words throughout, greatly adding to thè understanding and appeal of the subject.

€ 19.50