Evelyn (Russo)

Evelyn (Russo)

Soul Gardian

Massimiliano Piretti Editore

195 pages 140x200 mm paperback

ISBN / Barcode: 8864760025

Categoria: Massimiliano Piretti Editore

This book tells us an unusual life story of Evelin Lekler, a young mademoiselle who reveals to the world her secrets on the pages of her diaries impregnated with pain and pleasure, hatred and delightful languor. The girl tells about how throughout long years she has been having the same nightmare in which she dies on the sinking ship together with a young man, who is trying to rescue her. Possibly, the dream would remain for Evelin only a dream, but this young man unexpectedly appears in her life. She understands - they are connected by something more than just a nightmare. She gets to know that once they had the past in common, their lives being connected together with unrestrained passion and an oath of love. Evelin is a historical love story for those who appreciate a beautiful Russian language.

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