Borquez: Chicas

Borquez: Chicas

Fabio Borquez


Hardcover 160 pages Language: English

Categoria: Ultime schede

Borquez offers a fine collection of figure photography, about evenly split between color and B&W, predominantly indoor and studio shots, but with a mix of outdoor scenes, as well. The models tend toward a type: Anglo features and coloring, slim, twenty-something and often somewhat top-heavy. The look is polished, made-up, hair studiously styled. Whenever it's possible to see, full depilation in the bikini area seems the rule. It's a glamorous and fashionable look but, for my taste, a bit untouchable. The imagery often seems more about the style imposed on the model than on the model as a unique person and woman. It lacks the depth and personality that I find, for example, in work by Thomas Karsten or Helmut Newton.

€ 19.50