The Best Gay and Lesbian Films

The Best Gay and Lesbian Films

Glitter Awards 2005

Darwin Porter, Danforth Prince, Theodora Chowfat

Paperback: 208 pages Publisher: Blood Moon Productions, Ltd (21 Nov 2006) Language English

ISBN / Barcode: 0974811831

Categoria: Libreria Gay Cinema

"THE GAY OSCARS" (The Glitter awards) release the first edition of their annual. The International Gay Film Awards is pleased to announce the release of a book that, with editorial critiques and more than 300 photos, documents the best independently produced gay and lesbian films of 2005. This almanac, "The Best Gay & Lesbian Films", documents the production details and some of the creative and technical aspects of each of the 37 international films nominated as part of the 2005 Glitter Awards ceremony. Envisioned as an annual and exclusively licensed "book of historical record", it provides non-partisan commentary as well as objective journalistic coverage of the artists, producers, directors, and technicians who made each film a reality. The book was produced by New York City's Blood Moon Productions, an organisation that is otherwise devoted to transforming the oral traditions of Hollywood's Golden Age into bona-fide literary treatments, usually in the form of carefully researched celebrity biographies. According to Blood Moon's president, ""The Best Gay & Lesbian Films" will become an annualised staple on the world's landscape of independent filmmaking.

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