DELIBES: Coppelia (Complete Ballet) / La Source Suites

DELIBES: Coppelia (Complete Ballet) / La Source Suites



Total Playing Time: 02:09:40

Categoria: Danza Musiche per Lezioni Balletti Classici

The Bratislava orchestra plays with characteristic finesse and grace and with glowing lyrical feeling. There is both drama and vitality in this Coppélia. The recording is warm and spacious, with the orchestra set slightly back. Other versions may have more surface brilliance, but most lovers of ballet music will enjoy the naturalness of perspective and the attractively smooth string-quality. La Source comes off equally well. The Pas de fleurs grande valse is a real lollipop and in the two suites the music (selected rather arbitrarily) has plenty of colour and rhythmic life.

€ 16.50